The training took place on March 6-10 in Casa Grande, Arizona at the Price Industries manufacturing facility.

Attendees were given a factory tour through the production line where diffusers, grilles, louvers, and other air distribution systems are assembled. In the same building, there is a showroom full of their products including displays that show how the various products operate. The main classroom training topics included: Chilled beams, Designing for Comfort, Displacement Ventilation, Noise Control Products, Mix Air Distribution Systems, Terminal Units, Healthcare Operating Room Applications and Underfloor Air Systems.

Summary of each day:

DAY ONE: A welcome dinner a short walk from the hotel, Residence Inn located in Chandler, Arizona.

DAY TWO: We were given a factory tour followed by fundamental HVAC training.

DAY THREE: We were given the two optional electives for each class from the fundamental training on the previous day to expand upon the topics. Total of 5 classes.

DAY FOUR: Included optional training to learn various software and their applications that Price Industries has available on their website as well as further explanations on topics covered in the previous days’ lectures. Total of 4 Classes.

DAY FIVE: we left for the Airport and travel back to Canada.

Each day of training, lunch was held at the training facility. We were taken out each night for dinner and activities. We went to an arcade/bowling, to a Casino and ATV tour. The Price Industries team went out of their way to make sure we were happy and taken care of. It was a very memorable experience, the training was very informative, and they provided us with 12 PDH credits.