At Rocky Point Engineering, we are driven by our passion to create a low-carbon future. Our team of consultant engineers works with building owners to provide sustainable and economic solutions that help them save money, minimize their impacts on the environment and communities, and achieve cleaner, more reliable long-term energy performance. As one of the leading engineering companies in British Columbia, we have extensive experience in energy modelling, computational fluid dynamics modelling, green building consulting, and submission of LEED® documentation for buildings and facilities across all sectors.

We help you find ways to revitalize and optimize your infrastructure using our in-house energy modelling software. We use Trace, HAP, EE4, eQuest and RetScreen to model your building’s energy performance, as well as Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) Virtual Environment to model the natural ventilation, interior thermal and air velocity gradients, and exterior solar exposure and shading.

Our Energy Modelling & Green Building Consulting Services

Step Code Modelling

Our mechanical engineering technologists can help you ensure that the energy efficiency of your new build goes above and beyond the requirements of the BC Building Code. As your trusted advisor, we work with you to help you understand the complexities of energy modelling and make more informed decisions that help you achieve your operational, economic, and sustainability goals.

LEED Compliance Modelling

Rocky Point has been involved in numerous LEED certified projects.  We participate in the LEED certification process by providing support to the LEED team in preparing LEED letter templates and calculations for sustainable and energy efficient mechanical and plumbing strategies.    The mechanical systems often have a significant contribution to the overall LEED Certification.    In addition, we provide energy modelling services to meet LEED EA (Energy and Atmosphere) points and can coordinate the team’s effort in achieving the highest possible energy performance score.

CMHC Compliance Modelling

We provide energy modelling and economic analysis to predict the energy performance of your building and determine whether it meets the requirements for CMHC’s energy-efficient mortgage program. In addition to our design and construction administration services, you can rely on us to serve as your liaison between provincial and federal entities to ensure you secure the maximum in CMHC-sponsored programs.
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