An energy study, also known as an energy audit or energy assessment, is the process of evaluating the energy use of your building or facility to identify opportunities that reduce your energy consumption, and costs, and improves your long-term sustainability. Through our energy studies, we analyze the current and historical energy patterns of your building, including air handling, humidification, dehumidification and cooling systems, and provide strategic recommendations and advice that help you make better, informed decisions on your energy consumption.

Our team has a unique, in-depth understanding of ASHRAE’s GPC36-High Efficiency Sequences of Operation and ASHRAE Standard 100-Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings and specializes in providing effective, cost-saving solutions for modernization, optimization, and expansion.

Our Energy Studies & Energy Audit Services

An ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit

Rocky Point Engineering provides ASHRAE Level 2 energy audits to building and facilities owners across all sectors. This work includes a detailed review of your building’s energy consumption, a thorough analysis of the building’s systems and equipment, and recommendations for cost and energy-saving opportunities that meet your operational and financial targets.
Fortis BC Efficient Boiler Program Assessments
As a FortisBC-approved consultant, our consultant engineers help commercial building owners improve their energy efficiency through the Fortis BC – Efficient Boiler Program. From energy audits to recommending energy-saving measures that improve your building’s energy performance, we make sure you qualify for program funding that helps you achieve better cost savings while reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.
BC Hydro Assessments
Rocky Point Engineering is an accredited Lead Consultant and energy modeller for BC Hydro’s New Construction Program. We have completed numerous BC Hydro energy efficiency studies on new construction and help building owners and developers create better, more energy-efficient spaces and buildings that qualify for incentive funding.
BC Hydro Continuous Optimization
Our team has experience completing BC Hydro Continuous Optimization Program projects for educational clients across British Columbia. As an approved service provider, we provide advice and support to help you refresh your building, recommission your building, and implement effective solutions that improve your building’s energy efficiency now and in the future.
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