Expert plumbing design is crucial to the functionality and safety of plumbing, sanitary, and storm drainage systems in buildings and facilities.

As one of the leading engineering companies in British Columbia, we offer a full range of tailored services, including design, installation support, and maintenance for new construction, government agencies, healthcare facilities, and more.

Our Plumbing, Storm & Sanitary Design Services
From providing clean water for drinking to safely removing wastewater and the reliable delivery of medical gasses, we utilize innovative technologies, digital design tools, and specialized knowledge to deliver more cost-effective systems that comply with building codes & standards, and improve the functionality and sustainability of your building. We provide owners, developers & general contractors, architects & engineers, and businesses with a range of consulting and design services, including:
  • Domestic water systems
  • Storm drainage systems
  • Sanitary drainage systems
  • Lab and medical gas systems
  • Laboratory plumbing systems
  • Industrial plumbing systems
  • Specialty plumbing systems
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With offices in Vancouver, Langley, Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Kamloops, Nelson, and Smithers, we provide mechanical consulting and design services for clients across British Columbia. Get in touch with our team today.