Library Square (Level 8/9)  

The 8th an 9th floors of the existing downtown Library Square building was redeveloped to create a new public gallery and presentation space, in addition to an outdoor gathering area. Combined, levels 8 and 9 offer an additional 42,635 sq. ft. of interior space. Level 8 accommodates a sky-lit double-height… Read more

Western Canada Marine Response (WCMRC) Spill Response Base – Nanaimo

The Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) Nanaimo spill response base was constructed on the Nanaimo Port Authority property and serves as a center for marine response operations during spill events.  The $11.2M new building has a two-storey office area and warehouse space, as well as a building equipment storage… Read more

NE Albion Pump Station

The primary objective of the project was to provide a new sanitary pump stations for the new developments in NE Albion, to satisfy new operation requirements, and house a separate electrical service, odor control room, dry well and wet well. The project involved a full new pump station and related… Read more

KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence

This mass timber building spanning 40,000 square feet has two dedicated hangars that showcase a unique collection of aircrafts. The building’s fuselage serves as an interactive exhibition that narrates the history of aviation in the Okanagan Valley. Additionally, the building boasts an airfield viewing gallery and conference amenities for local… Read more

Vanderhoof Cultural Centre

RPE recently completed the Vanderhoof Cultural Centre, which is both museum and information centre for Vanderhoof (the geographic centre of British Columbia). The project consisted of a new 4,000 ft2 building that houses a cultural gallery, office space and meeting room. Additional washroom and storage spaces are also provided. washroom… Read more

Nanaimo Fire Station #1

The new firehall will serve as the home for Fire Rescue Operations, Emergency Dispatch Centre, Emergency Coordination Centre, and Fire Rescue Command/Business Centre. This modern edifice has been designed to comply with the post-disaster requisites and adhere to sustainable practices. For this design build project, RPE completed the full scope… Read more