Dockside Green

Dockside Green is a large-scale LEED Platinum community development project that aims to create a sustainable and mixed-use community. The project is divided into 12 phases, spanning three neighborhoods, and encompasses a total of 1.3 million gross square feet of space. Within these buildings, 73 percent of the area is… Read more

R.A. McMath Secondary School (SD #38) HVAC Upgrade

Project Scope In an effort to reduce energy consumption at R.A. McMath Secondary School,  Rocky Point Engineering was retained to install a solar wall at the school.  We implemented a two-stage solar wall on the expansive gymnasium’s southern wall and linked it to the primary air handling units. By harnessing renewable… Read more

Esquimalt Recreation Centre

Although the  Esquimalt Recreation Centre had undergone energy improvements to reduce the facility carbon footprint the energy savings were not being realized,  with some of the equipment being underutilized.  Rocky Point were retained to investigate every system and subsystem, and based on our findings, built a sequence of operations based… Read more

South Albion Community Centre

The South Albion Community Centre is a new 22,604 sq. ft. facility that includes a grand hall, community kitchen, gallery, multipurpose/fitness rooms, art room, and child care facility along with public washrooms. Our team engineered mechanical systems designed for future low-carbon and renewable energy sources, including rooftop photovoltaics as a… Read more