Imagine High Integrated Arts and Technology Centre (SD #33)
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Project Status
Completed 2022
Project Size
85,788 sq. ft.
School District No. 33 (Chilliwack)
M3 Architecture

HVAC Design
Plumbing Design
Fire Suppression

The project was a major redevelopment of the existing University of the Fraser Valley Education building in which the building and land was purchased by the Chilliwack School District. The existing building was completely renovated and brought up to current standards along with the addition of a new Gymnasium and change rooms.

(Major Life Cycle Renovation and Upgrade)

In general, all systems in the building were replaced but a significant focus was the existing mechanical system which had chronic issues and was well beyond it serviceable life. There were over 60 existing water source heat pump in the ceiling space which were failing, required filter changes and a high level of maintenance.   These were eliminated and replaced with a variable air flow system requiring very little maintenance.

The mechanical, plumbing and fire protection systems went through a complete life cycle and energy performance upgrade which included; All new domestic hot and cold-water distribution systems, new low flow plumbing fixtures, new heating and chilled water distribution, elimination of existing heat pumps and installation of a new VAV system.  New high efficiency condensing boilers, air source heat pump and all new air-handling unit equipment for the entire facility.   The entire mechanical system was replaced to improve energy performance, reduce greenhouse gas emission and greatly reduce maintenance requirements associated with the existing system.

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