Skatin Nation Pump Station
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Project Status
Completed in 2020
Project Size
484 sq. ft.
Urban Systems
  • HVAC Design
  • Plumbing Design

This project involved creating a small Pump Station structure that would serve as a home for a chlorination system and mechanical piping from the wells. Along with a drain, the building also includes an emergency eye wash and shower that is equipped with a dedicated mixing valve and hot water tank. To combat corrosion, the chlorine room has been fitted with a stainless steel heater. The building’s ventilation system comprises an outside air intake and exhaust that are regulated by both occupancy and temperature. To ensure the safety of the building, the design includes continuous and emergency exhaust ventilation for the chlorine room, as well as corrosion-resistant fan systems and ductwork. Overall, the design has been tailored to accommodate the specific needs of a chlorination system and prioritize the Pump Station building’s safety and efficiency.

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